Are You Doing What You Love Right Now?

Recently I’ve came across with a Box1824 video (all work all play), a research agency specialized in consumer and behaviour trends.

all work all play

 Baby Boomer (people born between 40/50)

For this generation the rules and boundaries between work and personal life was very clear and they didn’t blend. Work and institutions represented security and social status and the important was stability.

The boomers were extremely working people with a deep sense of discipline and honor. Liking their work was not important but the work itself. this daily sacrifice would guarantee the family security and the final promise of a good retirement, and it was enough motivation.

Generation X (people born between 60/70)

This generation redefined the relation between work time and financial reward. They want to achieve high profit in short time. They are confident, outgoing and highly competitive always with the desire to achieve a fast career growing. Loyalty and honor at the work place stops being a priority and the important is to beat competition. The balance between work and personal life stops to exist. The work time starts increasing, be “at the right place, at the right time” defined the working time. This blend between the person life and professional, ended up changing the “workaholics” into models to follow.

Millennials or Geração Y (people born between 80/00)

Satisfaction comes first, change work in pleasure. The success is defined by personal accomplishment, most important than achieving goals is to enjoy every moment of the journey. Basically this generation seeks for professional option where personal passions can be associated to work, which reduces the gap between the personal life and work. Have a high capacity to discover everything on their own through multiple channels, using many times informal solutions of education. The professional compromise is something that comes up naturally from those extremely envolvent experiences.

ALL WORK AND ALL PLAYInfographic all work and all play

It’s a motivational video, levers the importance of doing what it really makes you happy. It doesn’t matter what’s your chosen profession, the important, is to do what you love the most. Do what drives you and the rest will come along.

“Loving your work will put you in motion.”


So, you don’t know what you love? What makes you move and get up every day? It’s normal… think a little bit about it and try to look for what really makes you happy about, most important, try to do something that you believe in! Teach, share, inspire and be inspiring to the ones that surround you.

The things I love the most are studying, create and travel, for that reason I’ve started this blog, which enables me to share my work, knowledge, thoughts and other information that I think might help others following this path.

Share this article and help carry the message further!

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