Launch Your Freelance Career

Freelancing is today na option for many professionals, either by not finding a job, or simply to get an extra income. As being your own boss can be a dream to many, some other may not feel tempted regarding the profession risks.


In a general way, this option has been considered due to:

  • Loose schedule, being able to work in an autonomous flexible way;
  • Extra income;
  • Balance between professional and personal life;
  • Financial control;
  • Personal and career development.

Some of the possible disadvantages are:

  • Finding customer can become hard;
  • Lack of security / confidence about the income;
  • Lack of / inexistence / insufficient organization methods;
  • Difficulty to get the business started.


Some of the skills that you should have:

  • Discipline;
  • Honesty and Character;
  • Multi-discipliner;
  • Organization;
  • Proactivity;
  • Auto Motivation;
  • Adventurer;
  • Sensitiveness and attention to detail.


However, even with this tools under your belt, to get started in this business, it’s necessary to define the strategy and plan carefully each step. You’ll need also to promote yourself, your visibility will be a key factor since you’ll be needing to get known, particularly in the online business. To help you with that you can count with a huge set of social networks that will provide you the means and methods to promote and get your work known, if possible, consider the creation and regular maintenance of a website and/or blog, from which you’ll be able to promote in a more clear and direct way your product and/or service.



In this days, you’ll have at your service multiple free solutions, such as WordPress, which you can use to create your website and/or blog.

You can chose different blogging platform’s, that offer a huge network of professionals, connected by the most recent technologies, which create and share with the community, a vast collection of learning / training content. Offers not only a vast collection of Social Media and Online Marketing knowledge resources but also a collection of online marketing tools to “empower” your business, so that, you can with a minimum effort start, manage and jump start your business from home.

The Getresponse has some great features that might help you run your business, is a “out of the box” solution, already set up for your online Marketing campaign, without the need of hire a professional for develop, code, design and planning. So anyone without proper training in Marketing, can start his/her campaign and start developing business.

Find more about: Getresponse

Through the content network, you’ll be able to access a huge knowledge base virtually anywhere, so that you can learn while you do any other task, plus, that content also sends a positive energy and power boost to keep you on track and show not only what you do best, but also, the better way to achieve your goals, get to your potential customers and leveraging your business or career.


As a freelancer, all my work depends of the way I promote as the quality of my work. Marketing is often a neglected discipline, so this solution provides not only a push on the right direction as also a positive flow of energy which enables me to show what I can do better and how to get the right message to my potential customers.

To have success as a freelancer, try to keep your (actual) customers happy, promote yourself and your work to get new customers and more work, the wider your contact network is and working on different sectors, the more people know you, better odds you’ll get to be successful in your endeavour.


Good luck 😀


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