Logos Low-Cost: Sales options and conditions

An effective logo can be the key to get your customer’s attention and trust in a matter of seconds. However, we all know that this is not always an easy task to achieve and economically sustainable for a company in early stage of activity or already established wishing to reinvigorate and/or boost the business.

 “Logos Low-Cost” are a low budget solution for your business. Choose from ours pre-made logos and customize with your business name and colors.

Clique here to see the available logos.


Tabela Preços

Order Now: Don´t forget to mention the selected Plan (Basic, Standard or Pro) and the number of the selected logo.

How many revisions?

Once you choose the desired logo, you can choose the color scheme and customize it with your company / brand name. After this choice and depending the plan that you purchase, is additionally available between 1 and 3 reviews.

Payment conditions: 50% up front, and the remaining 50% upon delivery.

Get started now, and get more customers, select the desired plan and then complete the form or send an email: annadesignpt@gmail with your request.

All projects are delivered in different formats: PNG, EPS, AI, CDR and PDF, or if you want a additional format, please mention in your request.

A Professional logo is the materialization of the image of any company or brand and it should, in one hand, transmit their identity, and in the other, be effective. This can only be achieved with competence and rigor.

Be unique!!! Your Logo design will establish your identity and how your business is and will be recognized. Will reflect your business personality, values and principles.

And please remember that each time, your company’s product or service, is mentioned anywhere, your logo should be associated with it instantaneously.

Why to create a logo or change it, if your company already has one? Why invest in a new corporate or brand image?

If you are starting a new business you should remember that your corporate identity image is your most powerful marketing tool, so you should invest in your corporate identity image.

Do you think that something is missing in your current company logo? What elements of this would like to keep? Well, you may only want to give you some restyle and retouch to refresh your corporate identity image.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should redesign your corporate identity image:

  • Does not communicate what/how you want;
  • Do not have a professional look and feel;
  • Is outdated, worn out;
  • Not used as it was supposed to due to printing costs;
  • Your business offer may have changed over time;
  • The company name will change in a near future.

Your logo can appear in a wide range of media, from business cards to websites, flyers, posters, etc. Think about all of the possible usages before you put your project in motion, that is, if it will be equally well in outdoor and on the screen of a mobile phone, for example, without losing his strength.

For this reason our all projects are delivered in different formats: PNG, EPS, AI, CDR and PDF, or if you want a additional format, please mention in your request.

If your company is known by a color scheme, it is advisable to continue using the same color palette, if you are starting your business consider also that each color represents a different feel and emotion before choosing your color palette. For example, the red evokes strong emotions: in one hand, emergency, danger, alarm; on the other, passion, strength and life. But the blue is tranquility, spirituality and trust.

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