Freelance Career Step by Step (Part 2)

Continuation… (Part1)


Timings will continue to exist and missing your tasks deadlines can be a problem. The reasons may vary as spending too much time on social networks and/or having problems managing your own time.

Live.pngKeep your work organized and give all your best

It is essential to keep discipline, and work focused.

If you’re a workaholic or find hard to organize yourself may also become hard to adapt. You may not be able to determine the time to stop or stop working by any distraction, this will make you lose time and productivity.

Being a freelancer does not mean you can do when and how you want. Even with all the freedom that the profession brings you will continue to be a professional and you should be able to keep your work organized and give all your best. Only then you’ll get customers and give them a positive impression as this will allow you to get more work.


Many ideas come when you are not at your workplace, and you may lose/forget them because you didn’t write them down. These ideas most often are lost and later will make you waste time looking for new ones.


Discipline yourself, all the time management, customers and business offers, requires a strong will and focus. When work starts accumulating and deadlines get shorter this usually means that you must and should have more discipline. Set a time of the day to estimate the amount of work to do.

solitary (1).png

You should have rules to work and management to meet the deadlines and optimize the time to guarantee more projects.


One way to increase your productivity when it comes to advertising, is to share it in certain circles. No matter if you promote online freelance work or offline, it’s important to do so for your target audience.

Offline publications are much more expensive and can be more cost effective to use the online means.


Stand out from competition, do it by giving products or services. Doing this promotes and get your product and/or service known, and if the customer likes it, more certain is that he’ll pass the word, a satisfied customer is your best advertising.

Stand out from competition, do it by giving products or services

Earn the trust of your customers to ensure more jobs and future recommendations.

To promote my business I create a blog and chose the WordPress, which does not require to have a hosting plan, manage updates and most important, doesn’t require for me to care about technical details. This platform also provides a lot of content from which I can learn about Internet, social and blog marketing.

Read more about: Launch Your Freelance Career

You can chose different blogging platform’s, that offer a huge network of professionals, connected by the most recent technologies, which create and share with the community, a vast collection of learning / training content. Offers not only a vast collection of Social Media and Online Marketing knowledge resources but also a collection of online marketing tools to “empower” your business, so that, you can with a minimum effort start, manage and jump start your business from home.

The Getresponse has some great features that might help you run your business, is a “out of the box” solution, already set up for your online Marketing campaign, without the need of hire a professional for develop, code, design and planning. So anyone without proper training in Marketing, can start his/her campaign and start developing business.

Find more about: Getresponse


Often personal life ends up mixing with the professional, the simple fact that in most cases you work in the same place that you live. If you don’t achieve this balance in the short term this will be a source of trouble for the freelancer. The absence of this harmony will bring us many losses within a short time.

Professional success should be among the top priorities and not the only priority.

Lack of balance leads to the lack of a stable

relationship or a strong health.

Professional success should be among the top priorities and not the only priority. Here are some tips to combat this increasingly common problem in recent years:

  • Disconnect from the work to the weekend
  • Avoid negative or pessimistic people
  • Save time for your relationship
  • Get other knowledge
  • Have a good time


The purpose is to display and advertise the work, when managed properly, increases your change of success.

The portfolio should be

  • Simple, focus on the most relevant works
  • Wide range
  • Fine quality
  • Suitable for web and print version

If your business area has a lot of competition, you should always try to achieve prominence through quality and multiple offer.

Don’t lose will if several months are spent and things don’t go as planned, don’t worry as it’s part of the path, re-evaluate the situation, identify what’s wrong (Remember the PDCAMantra) and try again.

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